Employment Screening for Remote Workers

published Monday, December 23, 2019, 4:35:00 PM GMT

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On the CV-Library website, there is an excellent article entitled - "Why you should consider remote working as your next career move"

It is stated in the article that remote working is one of the most desirable workplace perks. Some of the key benefits they cite as being really valued by employees are;

1. Several key industries are recruiting for remote work - IT and Technology feature particularly strongly along with customer service, consultancy, graphic design and engineering also featuring. 

2. Increased productivity - more time and less distraction are cited as being key factors to increased productivity for remote workers. This is why it's not uncommon for professionals to sometimes head for home when they need to really concentrate and get those really important pieces of work done.

3. Better work-life balance - less time commuting and more flexible working hours are key factors for creating a better work-life balance as a remote worker.

4. Happiness and health will improve - taking the above factors into account along with less stress from commuting often result in greater happiness and health for remote workers.

Remote working is leading the way for change 

With improvements in technology and team sharing apps, businesses are realising in increasing numbers that hiring remote workers can make for both happier and more productive employees. Hiring remote workers or teams of remote workers can, therefore, have significant benefits for both employers and employees.

Hiring Remote Workers

So, how do employers manage the hiring process for remote workers? Are there differences with respect to hiring traditional office-based staff? Do recruitment teams need to also adapt their workflow to ensure that not only are the best people attracted to a business but also retained for the long term? Finally, what are the risks and considerations when hiring candidates for roles that are specifically, or even predominantly remote?

Effectively Screening Remote Worker Job Candidates

As flexible and remote working becomes the norm, businesses need to ensure they have a robust background check process in place for recruitment. Properly screening candidates at the hiring phase limits the risks of potential issues cropping up further down the line. Having processes in place to effectively monitor and manage remote workers in a more fluid workforce is critical to success.

Whilst there are many tools to achieve this it's important to get the screening process right at the outset to ensure that the employer - employee relationships meets everyone's objectives. Honesty, or perhaps trust, is probably one of, if not, 'the' key factor when you are looking to recruit remote workers. An employer needs to feel comfortable that deliverables are being met and that their best interests are being upheld at all times.

This is where having a robust and effective employment screening process in place at the point of recruitment is essential.

Verifying Skills, Competency and Experience

An effective employment screening process will verify skills, competency and the experience of potential candidates. This is the first step to building trust in your decision making and recruitment process and ensuring that your preferred candidates meet the needs of your role. Using a screening partner such as RECREF, we work with employers and recruitment agencies to streamline this part of the process. It's absolutely critical to get this part right and avoid costly errors or expensive mistakes further down the line. Our aim is to help businesses get their recruitment right first time with the minimum of hassle.

Gap Analysis for Employment Screening

Dealing with 'gaps' during employment screening can be tricky for prospective employers. Gaps during screening can be easily dealt with when you have a screening partner to carry out the necessary follow up investigation and research. Gaps aren't necessarily things to be concerned about and many are easily clarified and dealt with. Again, having the right partner can make this part of the process a lot more painless but also delivers significantly less risky outcomes and better results all round.

Employment Screening for Remote Workers - Summary

Remote working is here to stay. It offers benefit to both workers and employers and with the right approach and tools. It can be very effective and significantly increase both productivity and health and happiness or workers. When done properly, everybody wins. That being said, getting the recruitment process right for remote workers is even more critical than for office-based staff. Working with a screening partner can make this process significantly more successful and less risky for employers and businesses.

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