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RECREF offer a comprehensive range of checks for you to choose from - allowing you to create the perfect referencing package for candidates based on the role.

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Character Reference

Get a character reference in three easy steps.

With RecRef our character reference process goes beyond what you find on a CV or employment reference.

With so much focus going on finding the right person for the right position, it's no wonder character references are becoming popular.

Our character reference process is fast

In three simple steps you can have your character reference sent out at the same time as completing your reference request. Receive the full reference as soon as it has been submitted to our system with time to spare.

Step 1

Contact RecRef and create your account in minutes

Step 2

Your reference request will be sent to the applicant in seconds with our automated referencing system.

Step 3

Once the application has submitted the reference it will be ready for you to view and use to make the right decision.

Secure Character References made easy

Our system is secure and GDPR compliant. Reassurance is key when it comes to character references, that's why our system is not only easy to use but also secure and compliant with GDPR requirements.

What is a character reference?

A Character Reference (or Personal Reference) is designed to provide insight into the candidate's character and abilities - usually outside of a work context. Rather than comment on a candidate's role experience or tenure as an employer might - a Character Reference is focused on providing a testament to their personality, behaviours, and how these individual skills may suit the open role in question.

Structured to give insight on a personal level, RECREF Character References go beyond what's on a CV or Employment References (which are often just basic validation of tenure and performance in a role), so you can consider the individual 'human' differences in candidates during the recruitment process.

When do you need a character reference?

  • Looking to find a character match
  • Need to look beyond the CV
  • Need more to make a decision

Are you looking for the right person to fit your team? If so then a character reference will be what you need to make that match.

For many roles, skills can be taught, so finding the right person who fits your company's ethos is essential in today's competitive job market.

Are you a recruiter?

A recruitment agent and wants to prove you aren't like the other recruiters who focus on filling jobs with bodies? A character reference is perfect to set yourself apart from your competitors.

With RecRef's character reference service, you can have a fast and effective service to offer your clients. Our simple three step process is designed to be easy and get the answers you need to help make the perfect match for all your clients.

Are you a business owner?

Recruiting new talent without a recruitment agent is possible, but sometimes you need a little assistance to help make sure you're choosing the right candidate.

RecRef's solution is designed to help everyone who needs or wants a character reference.

Simple steps to make the right choice.

makes a complex process simple.
Let us take the hassle out of pre and post-employment checks.