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RECREF offer a comprehensive range of checks for you to choose from - allowing you to create the perfect referencing package for candidates based on the role.

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Employment Screening

Recruiting talented people who are a great fit for your business is increasingly important in our competitive world. Finding the best and most suitable candidates for a role is challenging. Getting it wrong can be at best inconvenient and at worst disastrous and expensive. Not only should you be looking to find the best candidates but also to reduce staff turnover and increase retention of valuable staff. Having a well thought out recruitment process that achieves these aims is critical as it saves time upfront but also reduces the risks and costs of getting things wrong. The good news is, these downsides can be easily avoided with the right checks.
Recruiting is expensive and time-consuming but getting things right the first time is a readily achievable goal with the right approach. Carrying out appropriate checks and properly screening candidates doesn’t have to be a headache if you work with the right partner. It's also not expensive when you consider the overall costs of recruiting someone for your company. In fact, the cost of outsourcing your background and employment checks is only almost insignificant when considering the total overall cost of recruitment. The question should be, why wouldn't you properly screen a candidate?
If you are concerned about the process or the time it takes to do this then outsourcing background checks and screening is a cost-effective and stress-free way of achieving these goals. This is where RECREF comes in.
Forming the bedrock of RECREF’s candidate referencing checks, Employment Screening is a comprehensive way to validate a candidate’s prior work experience and employment. RECREF cross-reference all information provided by the candidate with data directly from previous employers, aiming to obtain 5 years worth of background data. Details checked cover length of employment, salary information and contract type, as well as previous positions and reasons for leaving employment. You can choose varying levels of service here to cover current employment and self-employment checks too, if that’s relevant for the candidate.
What’s more, RECREF also confirm authenticity of the referee using a suite of bespoke tools and technologies to ensure that the Employment Screening information provided by the referee is legitimate.

makes a complex process simple.
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