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Enhanced Criminal Check (DBS)

Enhanced criminal checks, also known as enhanced DBS checks, are a vital process for many businesses. Having a trustworthy and efficient company to assist you with the process of enhanced DBS checks from start to finish is key.

Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to help guide you through our enhanced DBS check today.

What is an Enhanced DBS check

An Enhanced DBS Check is a type of criminal record check that shows any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, warnings or reprimands the candidate has as well as any other relevant details held by the candidate's local police force.

What is the criteria for an enhanced DBS check?

Depending on the job you are recruiting for, the criteria for an enhanced DBS check can vary. These processes can be difficult to navigate and having the right consultant on hand to help guide you through the enhanced DBS check can be extremely useful.

There are three main criteria workforce guides listed on the gov.website, adult workforce guidelines, children workforce guidelines, and other workforce guidelines. It is essential that the role you are recruiting for not only meets your company's criteria for an enhanced DBS check but also meets the government's criteria. This is what makes each case unique and so it is essential to apply for the correct checks, alternatively, speak to our experienced team to help.

When do you need an enhanced DBS check?

Not everyone will need to undergo an enhanced DBS check, if your role requires employees to engage with the most vulnerable and at risk groups of people in our society then an enhanced DBS check is needed.

The full list of roles that require an enhanced DBS check are listed in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. These are roles that are typically carried out once a week in a school, care home, hospital etc.

Speak with our team to help decide whether or not you need an enhanced DBS check.

Exemptions of enhanced DBS checks

While no one is exempt from having an enhanced DBS check, there are some additional notes to keep in mind.

Applying for any form of DBS check as a self employed person is not acceptable. Applications for DBS checks must be requested by an organisation or company that is hiring you.

For some roles the enhanced DBS check might not be the correct check, there are two types of checks: a standard DBS check and the enhanced DBS check. Always speak to our consultants to ensure you are applying for the correct check.

What does an enhanced DBS check report give?

In your enhanced DBS check you will receive data on a wide range of findings.

  • Full Criminal Record
  • Spent Convictions (Including Upspent Convictions)
  • Cautions and Warnings
  • Reprimands

There is also the option to search the Child's or Adult's barred list. Please request this before the checks are made.

Additionally, in your enhanced DBS check you will also receive any notes from local police that may be considered relevant.

Our process

Our process is fast and efficient. Our team can have you ready to apply for all services within a matter of minutes.

Once you have created your account with us we can then begin to apply for the enhanced DBS checks, remember application forms are created and completed by your applicant and IDs are checked and submitted.

The screening process is quick and easy, once the application has been received it is sent directly to Disclosure and Barring service via our reinforced portal.

Receive your reports in days (can be as quick as 24 hours*), a typical time frame for reports to be received is 5 days.

RECREF offers an enhanced DBS check to help you make safer recruitment decisions for your business. It's available for people working in England and Wales. This includes if you live in Northern Ireland or Scotland but the job you're applying for is in England or Wales.

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