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Right to Work Check

All employers are responsible for ensuring that all staff members have the legal right to work in the UK. RECREF Right to Work checks are designed to protect employers from the potential legal consequences of employing people without the relevant permissions in place.

At RECREF we use a sophisticated system to recognise and highlight any anomalies in the documentation, to ensure the most accurate checks and any need to support the right to work check with further evidence if required.

How to get a right to work check?

For British and Irish citizens you will need to obtain their original documents, such as a passport or other identification check.

For EU citizens checks couldn't be easier, they will have an online code which we can use to check their right to work in the UK.

Document checks are performed in line with Home Office guidelines and the Government issued list of acceptable identification and documentation. Your candidate's identity is cross-checked alongside copies of passport, visa, permits and any other supporting documents supporting their right to work.

What do you need for a right to work check?

Checking your candidate's right to work is simple.

All you need is the following:

  • RecRef account which can grant you access to our advanced referencing software.
  • Your candidate will need to supply the following:
  • Passport identification
  • Right to work code
  • Visa or work permit where applicable

Our software and team of experts are able to check and cross reference each application to ensure it complies with the regulations for working within the UK.

How RecRef works with you

Our software is effective and easy for you. Simply contact our support team, create your account and use our online portal to begin performing checks.

Speak with our experts at any point of the process for advice or assistance.

Once your checks have been made you will have access to a detailed report which can provide you with the information you need to complete your recruitment process.

Our process is simple

Step One

Create your account within seconds and have access to our online portal.

Step Two

Register your applicant for checks where they receive an email providing them with the required information and documentation they need to supply.

Step Three

Receive a detailed report once all checks have been completed.

Right to work checks are essential for many businesses. It's a check that is in place to ensure that there are no illegal workers claiming jobs in the UK. If someone is working in the UK without the right, this can cause many problems for businesses. So checking that someone is legally allowed to work in the UK is necessary in order to protect your business.

makes a complex process simple.
Let us take the hassle out of pre and post-employment checks.